Fitter Rider

My mission is to improve your strength, balance, mobility & stability in the saddle.

We always concentrate on looking after our horses, making sure they are feeling and looking their best but often neglect ourselves. I too have been guilty of this in the past!

The more effective you are as a rider, the more effective the connection and communication with your horse will be. Ultimately you will both perform better as a partnership.

What we do for our horses is physically demanding and it does mean that we do lead a fairly active lifestyle.

Are you feeling that you and your horse have reached a certain level but struggling to improve?

Have you thought that maybe it could be you that's holding you both back?

Don't forget we are athletes too and make up one half of the team... what would happen if we worked on ourselves as much as we do our horses?!


Virtual Classes

LIVE - Fitness Classes for horse riders

Bringing the class and our lovely community into your home!

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Virtual Personal Training

LIVE - One to One sessions with Mel

Bespoke trainging programme, tailored to you and your needs

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What Our Clients Say

The preparation has been fantastic to help me through it, both in terms of stamina and strength. There's been no area where I've felt lacking and I've hardly had stiff muscles at all.



These classes are fantastic you don’t need to be a budding fitness fanatic to be able to improve your whole being .



Mel is great working with a range of abilities in one session. Exercises are adapted with easier and harder versions. Would defo recommend.