How do the virtual classes work?

I launched these virtual classes in light of the COVID-19 situation. In the crazy, uncertain times that were, I wanted to continue to deliver my classes in a safe environment that people were comfortable with. Everyone had worked sooooo hard and had achieved so much that I just had to find a way to continue!

 The online classes were such a success that they will be continued for the foreseeable as it gives more people access - it doesn't matter where you are just as long as you have internet!

We are now not tied to a location and the classes are done from the comfort of your own home. All you need is yourself, a space big enough for you to lie down and some water. You will need some equipment but these can be everyday household items, tin cans, wine bottles - you name it, be creative! There really is NO excuse not to help yourself and your horse! 

The classes concentrate on balance, core, strength, flexibility, mobility, posture & cardiovascular fitness. They are designed to help improve your riding position, balance and symmetry in the saddle.

We work on any imbalances we have as riders which ultimately all affect our horse's way of going. The more effective you are as a rider, the happier your horse will be and that means that you will perform better as a team and partnership.

My aim is to make riders fitter, stronger, more balanced and flexible in the saddle. The classes are designed for all fitness levels and ages with each exercise having a progression and a regression. It's up to you how far you push yourself!

My role is to ensure you are using the correct form and technique to avoid any injuries.

The classes are:

Monday 6.30 - 7.30 pm 

Thursday 7 - 8pm 

If you would like to join the Fitter Rider gang then please get in touch! These classes are run via Zoom and I will text and email a link 30 minutes before the classes are held, listing any equipment needed! 

It really is that simple!

Why should I sign up?

Book your space in the class
Train form the comfort of your own home
Easy to join in
I will be there with you doing the session, giving hints, tips and explanations as we progress
Support during business hours via email, text, messenger and phone
Become part of the facebook community
Reminders set