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15 November 2019


My name is Mel and this is my first ever blog post... quite a scary prospect!

I hope you like the website?! My dream is to help you and your horse be the best version of you! To find out more about me then visit Meet Mel

If you are reading this then you are interested in how fitness can improve your riding and partnership with your horse. You see I firmly believe that what you do in the saddle directly translates through to your horse; the horse being a mirror of the rider’s influence.

If you are not straight and balanced how can you expect your horse to be?!

The answer is you can't! 

I started Fitter Rider really due to my own experiences and discovering how training off the horse helps when you are on the horse. I am realistic and nothing simulates riding a horse but we can get close. We are equestrian athletes and equestrian fitness matters. We can develop muscle memory and muscle patterns which ultimately become ingrained in our subconscious.

But I want to do more than that for you. I am passionate about your health, fitness and wellbeing. I really want to help you make a difference, not only to your riding but to yourself too!

I want to help improve your strength (including your core!), balance, coordination, stamina (fitness), flexibility and posture. All of which will transfer directly into the saddle and will massively improve the connection and communication you have with your horse when riding - benefiting you both as a team to help you achieve more :)

Now is the time to realise that the positive changes you make to your health, fitness and wellbeing can only have a positive effect on our everyday lives and our riding too!

I'll be updating this blog regularly with exercise, hints, tips, nutrition and all things horse & fitness related!

See you soon, Mel



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